Letter to the Editor - February 13 Edition

In Response to the Town Council minutes from January 29th in The Outlook:

Being involved in our community is what we have tried to do since we arrived and started our business in Outlook on February 4th, 1984. Prior to moving to Outlook, I was part of the Kinsmen Club, and my wife was part of the Kinnettes, and we both joined the respective groups locally once we had relocated to this community. We take great pride in our community, just like our Kinsmen Club does today.

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In the minutes, it was stated that another business thought it was “cut throat” that we were trying to raise money for an organization whom is trying very much to stay alive in our community. We try our best to help any organization raising money, as they are a large part of what makes this community. We never take our BBQ to any community function in town unless we are asked. We go to Minor Sports events and Senior Baseball events because we are asked. We would never set up shop and try to take business away from any community organization. We would never show up to make money at an event if we were not invited by the people hosting that event.

We hold BBQ’s at our store every Thursday in May & June to help raise money for different community organizations. We stop doing this in July because we realize that the restaurants in our community also have to make a living and pay their taxes.

In regards to the $150.00 business license our town wants to charge, we have no problem with that. We will gladly pay that. We feel that it is our community and we all need to keep it alive. A $150.00 fee is very affordable to us compared to the approximate $1000.00 extra we will have to pay for our recycling program this year. But we will not complain about that, because we know that everyone on town council has a lot of decisions to make and the commitment they give us, is something that most people would not be willing to give.

When I die, I want to die knowing that we have done all we could for the community we live in, the people that live in it and instilling that into the children we raised.

Thank you,

Royce Taylor
Outlook AG Foods

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