Bisons Grounded by Sabers in Football Opener

Hanley controls the momentum in 50-15 win

Another season of high school football got underway last week as the LCBI Bisons took to the field on Friday afternoon, September 7 for their home opener against the Hanley Sabers.

In perhaps something of a foreshadowing related to the final result of this game, the first quarter of action squarely belonged to the Sabers as they maintained swift control of the ball.  Just a few minutes in, Hanley #30 Matthew Fairbairn made a good run downfield before being brought down, but that didn’t deter him from making a touchdown a minute later to put the Sabers on the board, although the convert was no good.  For the next while, Hanley maintained their stronghold, and #44 Samuel Gogol made two touchdowns near the end of the quarter, one on a long dash downfield, though only one convert was good between them.

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The second quarter was where LCBI showed their fighting spirit and began mounting a comeback of sorts.  Although Hanley #30 Fairbairn nabbed another TD three minutes in (convert no good), Bisons quarterback #4 Kal Berggren flew on a solid run downfield where he dodged a number of sack attempts before finally coming down.  Berggren went on to make a nice interception in the last two minutes of the quarter, which helped lead to the Bisons getting on the board with a touchdown made by #30 Abe Fimbo, who darted through a number of Sabers en route to scoring points, and the convert was good.  Hanley responded with another TD to end the first half (convert good), made by #5 Rylen Bellina, but LCBI was showing great spirit.

The third quarter was a much slower affair as both teams jockeyed for position on the field and possession of the ball, and it wasn’t until the last two minutes that points went up on the board.  They were courtesy of Hanley #88 Justin Kloetz, who made a TD after a long dash, and the convert was good.

The fourth quarter saw the Sabers nab their last TD of the game, made by #5 Bellina on a good dash where the convert was good, and LCBI also racked up the last points they’d make in their home opener when #4 Berggren ran a long dash in the last two minutes to nab a touchdown where the convert was good.

The final score was a 50-15 win for Hanley.  The Bisons will hope to fare better in their next home game when they play host to the Gull Lake Lions this coming Monday afternoon at 4:00.

PLEASE NOTE:  The Outlook was notified of this date change after the print edition of this article was published, which originally stated the game was taking place today.

Coached by Michael Haugen, Matt Bowey, Owen Redlick and Morgan Millham, and managed by Phil Guebert, the LCBI Bisons are comprised of Brody Holmlund-McLeod, Cole Chubak, Kal Berggren, Braden Anderson, Justin Morken, Caelan Kinnaird, Zane Jordan, Brendan Barnett, Morgan Naumann, Aaron Tamlin, Abe Fimbo, Alex Fung, Ricki Lockhart, and Landon Douville.

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