Elbow Bench Pays Tribute to Broncos

Unique creation memorializes bus crash victims

It’s been over four months since the horrific crash involving the Humboldt Broncos hockey team, in which 16 people were killed and the lives of many others forever altered, but the tributes continue to pour in, and in some very unique and creative ways.

Down in the village of Elbow, one such tribute is quite attention-grabbing and sees one sport paying tribute to another, recognizing those who lost their lives and serving as a constant reminder of strength, unity and remembrance.

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On the course of the Harbor Golf Club, a special bench has been installed that pays tribute to the team and the families whose lives were impacted.  The bench is undeniably an eye-grabber because it was created out of hockey sticks, 17 in total, including one used by the late Adam Herold, a player who died in the bus crash on April 6.  Other players who donated sticks for the bench’s creation include Braden Holtby of the Washington Capitals, as well as former NHL players Darren McKechnie and Mike Sillinger.  On top of this, local hockey players also donated sticks to help in this unique creation.

The bench is located on the 16th tee of the golf course, which happens to provide an incredible view of Lake Diefenbaker, and was crafted by Nick and Anne Paulsen of Elbow.

If one ever finds themselves down in Elbow, whether it’s to play a round of golf or not, this incredible tribute coupled with the fantastic lake view is truly something to be seen up close.

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