Tough Football Opener for the Bisons

Both local teams learn hard lessons in home action

The season opener for the LCBI Bisons football team was disappointing from a scoreboard perspective, but it may have served as a vital lesson in gaining valuable experience for this year’s new squad.

The Bisons were on home turf in their first game of the year on Friday afternoon, September 13 when they played host to the Hanley Sabers.  While LCBI showed some impressive runs and throws, this game soon belonged squarely to the visiting team.

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In the first quarter, it wasn’t long before Hanley started its scoring ways, with a TD made at the 8:12 mark by #85 Ryan Orsen, convert no good.  In something of a response, Bisons #27 Aaron Tamlin made an impressive catch on a long pass at 7:16.  However, the Sabers kept coming at LCBI, and Orsen soon made his second touchdown of the day at the 4:44 mark, convert no good.  In the last two minutes, Hanley #18 Colt Blacklock nabbed a touchdown for his team at 2:13, convert good.

The second quarter of this game would see the Bisons nab their first and only touchdown of the game.  It came after Hanley #17 Riley Bohrson nabbed one at the 8:29 mark, convert good.  Eighteen seconds later, it was finally LCBI’s time to shine when #85 Paul Haugen made a touchdown on a jet-fueled long run down the field, though the convert was no good.  The Sabers would close out the first half with a touchdown with just nine seconds left, made by #18 Blacklock.

At half-time, the score was 30-6 for the visiting Hanley squad.

Tough Football Opener for the Bisons_0
LCBI running back #34 Ben Larocque tries dodging from the incoming Hanley Sabers. - Derek Ruttle

Things slowed down in the third quarter, a typical occurrence seen in high school football over the years.  The Sabers nabbed another touchdown at the 8:24 mark, this one by #17 Bohrson, though the convert was no good.  That would be the only points to go on the board in this chunk of time.  The Bisons were able to make an impressive intersection at 2:36, but they couldn’t quite capitalize on it.

In the fourth, Bohrson nabbed his third touchdown for Hanley at the 9:45 mark on a good long run, convert good.  The Sabers would keep up their winning ways as the minutes ticked down, with #86 Dylen Presnell grabbing one at 6:57, convert good.  LCBI #27 Tamlin went down at 4:18 with a hurt knee, which had appeared to be bothering him earlier in the action.  Hanley kept racking up the points at 4:04 with a TD on a long dash by #17 Bohrson, convert good.  The final touchdown of the game would be made by the Sabers at the 1:21 mark, Bohrson’s fifth and final one, convert no good.

The final score was a commanding 66-6 victory for Hanley, resulting in a tough loss for the hometown Bisons but perhaps a chance to learn and apply new things to their next game.

The Bisons are on the road this week as they visit Gull Lake to take on the Lions.

Meanwhile across town, the Outlook Blues hosted their own home opener on September 13, hosting the Kindersley Kobras in what would also turn out to be a one-sided win for the visiting squad and a chance to learn and gain insightful experience for the home team.  The Kobras would end up leaving Outlook with a dominating 78-0 victory.

The Blues are back at home this coming Friday, September 20 when they play host to the Rosetown Royals.

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